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Android applications are written by using the java and C/C++ . It is a compressed key with classes, UI’s, supportive assets and manifest. By using NDK, you can develop a part of an app using native language such as C/C++ to boost the performance. A content provider is used to share information between Android applications.

  • This is a broadcast using the send sticky broadcast () method.
  • If you elaborate too much, you will not allow the interviewer to ask follow-up questions.
  • So the internet is not always available, or is not of the best quality.
  • It is declared in the root directory and contains information about the application that the Android system must know before the codes can be executed.
  • This question allows you to guide the interview toward a subject matter area you are comfortable talking about.

When I explained this approach to the interviewer and he seemed satisfied with it although it was not easy to tell what the hell he was thinking or saying. As with all technical roles, it’s best to use a written assignment to test candidates’ coding skills. Also, keep an eye out for potential hires who are passionate about their field and take on side projects. They’re more likely to contribute fresh ideas, inform their team about new tools and perform well at work.

What is application Widgets in Android?

Not all applications work the same on different machines, so you might have to tinker with memory management. This tool gives developers the ability to work with zip-compatible archives, including viewing, creating, and extracting content.

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15+ Technical SEO Interview Questions For Your Next Hires.

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Using this technique, elements can be placed in relation to other elements or screen edges. This gives a more responsive design on different screens and orientations. Each device has a scale factor of how many pixels corresponds to one point . Both Apple and Google have introduced their own unit to help developers deal with different screen resolutions. Apple requires a developer account connected with the Apple Developer Program to publish apps here. Google requires that you have a developer account to publish apps.

Introduction on Android SQLite Database

Operational questions should be answered directly and briefly. The interviewer will ask a follow-up question if they need additional information or want to explore the topic in more depth. Top 5 Applications Engineer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. When interviewing mobile developers the successful how to become a mobile developer candidate will have an impressive portfolio of previous work and excellent interpersonal skills. Be wary of candidates with no prior experience and poor communication skills. Andrei is an experienced full-stack web developer with almost a decade of experience working with a large variety of technologies—over half of that working remotely.

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  • To help you prepare for your Mobile Developer interview, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.
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  • The files which can be injected for the building up of a process are called as application resource file.